Law Offices of David J. Bartone
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  Entertainment Law Profile

David J. Bartone is an experienced and knowledgeable attorney able to handle a diverse range of entertainment matters in the entertainment industries, including the music industry, motion picture and television industries, the sports and athletic industries, the computer gaming industry, and the fashion industry. His entertainment law practice often draws upon extensive business, intellectual property and civil litigation knowledge.

Mr. Bartone provides counsel to production companies, artists, athletes, developers, designers, producers, writers, directors and distributors. He is equipped with the knowledge, skill, ability and resources to handle most any issue facing the entertainment community, including contract negotiations, intellectual property rights, licensing agreements, motion picture and television distribution agreements, screenwriters' agreements, production contracts, licensing and distribution agreements for the Internet and emerging technologies, content supplier agreements for new media companies, and helping clients manage their daily business matters.

Mr. Bartone often works together with attorneys in other practice areas, and entertainment professionals outside the field of law, including accountants, business managers, agents, and sponsors to maximize the results for his clients. By combining all of these resources, Mr. Bartone has developed the unique ability to handle and solve the legal issues that face the entertainment community.